Bellota Ham

Gourmet Spanish Cured Pork

Bellota Ham Imported to the USA

In the recent past, importing Spanish hams was not allowed by the government of the United States. But now there are several Spanish manufacturers in the US who are producing hams within the US adhering to strict rules of USDA. The usual price for an entire 20 pounds of Spanish ham can be between two hundred and three hundred US dollars. Though there are small packages of imported Spanish hams that are sold at around eight to ten dollars.

There is nothing to worry about if you think it all is beyond your budget. For people who have a budget constraint and would still not like to compromise eating ham there is the domestic Jamon Serrano which is cured throughout the year and are slightly more salty. These hams are sold at ten to fifteen dollars.

Before 2005, the pigs that were raised and slaughtered outside Spain were permitted to enter the United States only after being processed in Spain. But since December 2007, Jamon Iberico is allowed to enter the US under the Bellota grade.

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